Welcome to Rinat USA / Bienvenidos a Rinat USA

Welcome to Rinat USA / Bienvenidos a Rinat USA

We present you the RINAT 2019/20 Collection, achieved by the experience of 30+ years in the market are a team of committed and passionate for Goalkeeping that manifests in every product we make for the most important within the field player "The Goalkeeper!.

Te presentamos con mucho gusto la colección RINAT 2019/20 lograda por la experiencia de +30 años en el mercado somos un equipo de trabajo comprometidos y apasionados por la portería que se manifiesta en cada producto que fabricamos para el jugador más importante dentro del terreno de juego El Portero!I

These is the Fall 2019 Line up / La alineacion de Otoño 2019

🧤Asimetrik Hunter with the following options:

  • Asimetrik Hunter Spines Pro $99.99 retail
  • Asimetrik Hunter Spines $44.99 Youth & $49.99 Adult 
  • Asimetrik Hunter Semi-Pro $33.99 Youth & $35.99 Adult 
  • Asimetrik Hunter AS $14.99 Youth & $15.99 Adult 

🧤Kraken Spekter with the following options:

  • Kraken Spekter Pro $89.99 retail
  • Kraken Spekter AS $14.99 Youth & $15.99 Adult 

🧤Uno Premier GK (Golden King) with the following options:

  • Uno Premier GK Pro $79.99 retail
  • Uno Premier GK Spines $39.99 Youth & $44.99 Adult
  • Uno Premier GK Semi-Pro $33.99 Youth & $35.99 Adult 

🧤The Boss with the following options:

  • The Boss Pro $79.99 retail
  • The Boss Alpha $44.99 Youth & $49.99 Adult

🧤Uno Alpha with the following options:

  • Uno Spines Alpha $69.99 retail
  • Uno Alpha $59.99 retail

🧤Kancerbero Quantum with the following options:

  • Kancerbero Quantum Spines $39.99 Youth & $44.99 Adult
  • Kancerbero Quantum Turf  $35.99 Youth & $39.99 Adult 

👖New! COTA Goalkeeper Pants  $44.99 Youth & $49.99 Adult

👖MOYA Goalkeeper Pants  $39.99 Youth & $44.99 Adult

👖MOYA 3/4 Goalkeeper Pants  $36.99 Youth & $41.99 Adult

👖PADDED Under-Leggings  $37.99 Youth & $39.99 Adult

👖PADDED Under-Shorts  $27.99 Youth & $29.99 Adult


🥅 New Line-up of Goalkeeper Jerseys Now Available!

Youth $39.99 Adult $44.99

⚽️Super Heroe inspired: Arkham, Joker, Mark-X, Robbie* & Poison

⚽️Jersey based on Gloves: The Boss, Uno Premier, Lajud & Prisma


🧦Our well known by Goalkeepers Rinat knee-high socks

Youth $15.99 Adult $17.99

The Classic: Black or White

Geometrik Sock: Neon Green, Neon Yellow, Red and Turquoise 


Thank you very much / Muchas Gracias

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