UnderShield Collection

Rinat USA introduces The UnderShield CollectionPadded Under-Jersey, Leggings, Under-Shorts, Arm-Guards and Knee-Guards specially designed for goalkeepers in mind. Anti-abrasion and Anti-Impact panels that cover your legs to prevent turf scrapes.

With durable, elastic and lightweight panels to protect you when you slide, dive or receive a tackle.
This a must have for all Goalkeepers in all pitch surfaces.

Developed especially for Elite Goalkeepers, who develop their full capacity and need tools to aid in improving their performance.

Narrow cut to give greater freedom of movement and breathability, both legs were made separately and joined by a panel stretchable lycra fabric. 

We redesigned the shape of our padding that are now more aesthetic and comfortable.

Stretch cut to give you better movement freedom and better transpiration.
Protection to the knees and hips we re-designed to make it more aesthetic and to cover more accurately the impact zones.