Rinat Kancerbero Invictus Turf Goalkeeper Gloves NEW!

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Rinat Kancerbero Invictus Turf

                       NO FINGER PROTECCION 

Goalkeeper Glove


We print your name FREE on the wristband

TURF without Spines version of the Kancerbero model, specially designed to provide maximum durability in high wear and training grounds.

With the specially developed Omega-Resistance® Palm that lasts 10 times more than regular palms. The best glove for artificial turf fields and indoor soccer.

Backhand: synthetic material with high-frequency embossing to provide volume, body, and cushioning.
Cut: Flat, its ergonomy adjusts to the hand’s natural form. It facilitates flexion and provides more comfort.
Latex: Omega-Resistance® for rugged indoor or artificial pitch. Lasts up to 10 times longer than any conventional latex.
Closure: We have improved the wristband, now it is more technical and functional. It is composed of 2 pieces joined by an elastic that improves the fit to the wrist, provides more strength and safety.
Customizable wristband.

Recommended Use:

        • Dry and Low Humidity.
        • Training
        • Artificial Turf