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We laid it all on the line. This groundbreaking model was designed to exceed the needs of high performing goalkeepers.
It is the most technical, innovative and specialized glove in our new line.
Its features are unique and legendary like the mythical sea monster leaving no way to escape after being caught by its tentacles.

Backhand: High-Frequency Latex embossed to achieve increased volume, protection and cushioning, especially in the knuckle area to maximize detection when blocking shots (Punching Zone ®). By mounting the latex on neoprene we've made it lightweight and comfortable along with textile mesh to allow for ventilation.
Cut: Hybrid combination of Rollfinger and Ergonomic. An improved version of our Ergo-Roll cut, it is extremely comfortable and ergonomic with very pronounced curvature on every finger. The palm is divided and armed with separate pieces of latex to make it more technical and innovative. The piece that connects the fingers and the palm is textile mesh with a gel application so no grip is lost while allowing for air flow.
Latex: Made using our best German latex, the Omega grip® offers excellent grip, durability, cushioning and great performance. Nonskid gel applied on the inside of the glove palm prevents shifting out of place and the base of the palm has decorative prints which do not hinder grip. We have added seams in the main areas of flexion to facilitate movement and provide a more ergonomic fit.
Wrapped thumb: The latex wraps almost entirely around the thumb for maximum surface area.
Side Shield: the latex on the lateral zone is compacted to resist occasional wear caused by friction with the eld surface when diving or getting up after a dive.
Closure: Elastic wrist held by an adjustable band made of textile and latex and covers the inner side of the wrist with latex to function as an extended palm while the opposite side has a customizable window.

Recommended use:

        • All weather
        • High performance training
        • Matches
        • Natural Turf