Voit Liga MX Official Liguilla Ball, Clausura 2021, FIFA Quality Pro No. 5 Soccerball

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Voit Liga MX Official Liguilla 2021
Cantidades limitadas!

The game of soccer has evolved!
That is why we have designed Loxus, The Official Match Ball of the Mexican Premier League (Liga MX), to provide maximum performance at a professional level.
BLISS has a differentiated cut of 20 panels whose greater dynamism gives the maximum performance to the ball in any surface or climate, in addition to 4 internal POLYCELL layers that cushion the force of the hit and a special sealing treatment that minimizes absorption. It has a butyl chamber for better air retention and an external engraving based on circles, which have an individual engraving in the form of diamonds inside, which distribute the force of impact and withstand wear by friction.
  • FIFA QUALITY PRO, designed for professional soccer leagues and high-performance training
  • 20 differentiated panels with textured engraving to achieve better control in flight
  • Maximum performance under high impact conditions and heavy play
  • Size: No. 5
  • Textured polyurethane 1.6mm, and 4 polyester layers over butyl